First Lesson & During Lessons

*Please shower before entering the pool.

What to bring:

  • Bathing suit & child
  • Towel - hotel towels for hotel guests only
  • Goggles - we offer a great selection for purchase
  • Swim Diaper - if not 100% potty trained. No disposable please Only reusable.

Waiting during class:

  • Parents and siblings please remain seated
  • Teacher will indicate if they need assistance with your child
  • Please no food or glass in pool room

Classes are scheduled back to back so if you have any questions please contact the office, we are happy to help.

Directions To Wyndham Hotel Pool

Please use front lobby entrance. Go left, then first right. Key card will be on table next to pool door.

1284 Strongtown Rd, Southbury, CT

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Facility Etiquette

Our desire is to maintain a safe and positive teaching environment for our kids, along with keeping good relations with our rented facilities. Please keep in mind the following when at either facility.

Hotel common areas (entrance, exit, hallways, etc.): Please supervise your children at all times. Do not let children shout or run anywhere in the hotel, as there may be classes in progress or hotel guests present and hotel staff working.
All children should be seated away from pool until the teacher indicates they are ready for the next class. Once the child’s lesson is over, they are expected to leave the pool. Parents, siblings, family members, friends, etc. are not permitted to use the pool at any time. Please no food or glass in pool room. Also, please try to keep some seating available for hotel guest if they come to visit the pool.
Restrooms/Locker rooms: Restrooms and all changing areas are available to all students and visitors. As a courtesy to other customers, hotel guests and staff, please pick up after yourself.
Fitness center:
The fitness center is for use by hotel guests only. Please do not allow children to play or run in this area.
Towels at the hotels are for hotel guests only.  Please bring towels from home. We understand the occasional "Oops, I knew I forgot something!"
Use of the whirlpool/spa/hot tub is not permitted by swim school students or their families/friends.

Directions To The Pool At Heritage

Park on left side of hotel and follow the walkway behind the hotel to the sports club entrance.

522 Heritage Rd., Southbury, CT

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Lauren D. Southbury, CT
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