For ages 3 - 6 years, this program will guide your child with songs and games using their imagination to develop a harmony with the aquatic environment. We begin with introducing them to the fish, "Hello fishy bubbles",  and they will progress to swimming with the dolphins across the pool. All levels have a maximum of 4 students* in each class.

Fins I

This is where to start.  We concentrate on learning how to control our breathing and submerse for a 5 - 7 second period.  We also learn how to maintain a horizontal body position.  All other classes build upon these essentials.


Fins II

For students who have achieved 5 - 7 second submersion without hesitation and horizontal balanced position face down.  Student must be relaxed in back position with little assistance.

Fins III

For students proficient in rolling onto their back for a breath. Student must be able to maintain horizontal balanced position while getting breath in deeper water.

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